Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Openings & Closings - RIP Golden Mini Mart

A week ago a junk truck idled at the bus stop to collect odds and ends from the shuttered convenience store. The little groceteria on Morse that was long a haven for criminal and gang activity closed its doors for the last time. One inactive user from Everyblock discovered it couldn't be reformed.

Golden Mini Mart failed its last inspection January 26th.

broken door at walk-in cooler excess and peeling gray tape try to hold door and door frame instructed to repair.front walk-in cooler door jammed instructed to repair. 
Cardboards used for shelf liners,at selling area and inside the walk-in cooler,instructed to remove and maintain shelves clean.rusty shelves replace or repaint with a smooth cleanable and non-absorbent material

broken wall under the paper wall at side of toilet bowl,instructed to repair.broken wall at rear furnace area.opening and cardboards above walk-in cooler, instructed to remove cardboards,seal opening with a smooth,cleanable and non-absorbent material

At the end it says on Feb 4th they passed inspection and that their license had expired. Well when you voluntarily allow your business credentials to  age out you have in fact graduated from the whole inspection scene into nonexistence. GMM was a grocery store with grade 3 low risk which underwent a canvass inspection. Results? Out of business.

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