Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A New Beginning For Witch's Hat?

The for sale sign has been taken down, the front steps are shoveled and salted, a missing window in the back three season room has been patched. Rehab work has started inside.  The cute one car brick garage still stands.

Things looking up for this charming Victorian.

It went through some tough times. The previous owner passed right as the real estate market collapsed around 2007/2008. Kids hung out under the porch, threw rocks at the back windows. Passerby after passerby littered the yard year after year, the parkway and lawn left overgrown. Neglected by its owners and bank.

7430 N Paulina recently sold per Zillow (late January) at a price low enough to warrant restoration and reinvestment. The house is in a key location for the neighborhood. At the deadend of Fargo and on the corner of Rogers and Paulina. It sets the tone for the neighborhood. Its the gateway to Jargowood, Rogers Park (especially walking south from the Howard "L" stop).

The location has its down sides. It gets more than its fair share of commuter trash blown over from the large Gateway bus station. To keep this part of Rogers Park looking good the SSA should be dispatched on a regular basis to pick up Rogers Ave. This old house was here long before the bus station and should get due deference.

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