Monday, February 16, 2015

Abandoned Car @ Ashland & Birchwood?

Probably not. But if you don't investigate how do you know? The law of unintended consequences. It takes a couple of unexpected causes for a bad outcome. One illegally parked car, a pedestrian not paying attention and a distracted driver equals one dead pedestrian.

That and how do you know the car isn't stolen or involved in a crime?

Anyways looks like its okay to park here? Heads up walking northbound on Ashland towards Rogers Ave. This corner parking has been going on for awhile. Larger that average corner so it almost looks legit. How many times have you seen cars bounding a crosswalk? In the off chance the driver spins out of control and you aren't looking both ways its possible the parked car could shield you from deadly impact. More likely the scofflaw car will cause an unwitting walker (zombie or otherwise) to not see oncoming traffic.

Same crosswalk mid-January, and mid-December.

Please continue reading for yesterday's pictures same corner

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