Saturday, August 22, 2015

That's One Sick Fisher!

Yesterday Sol Cafe regrammed Mr Fisher's newly completed "Big Fruit". Quite a statement at forty six by fifty two (and twelve deep). According to the regram it took almost a fortnight, one cherry picker and a ton of paint rollers. Mr Fisher gives thanks to the RPBA* for the commission and much thanks to the "ever powerful Simone Freeman and Sol Cafe". In case you have amnesia Sick Fisher's painting of Howard and Marshfield hung in Sol Cafe's window overlooking the same intersection almost two years ago.

Apparently the Howard "L" stop is the second busiest in the city. All those people staring into space (or into their phone) waiting for their train now have something else to think about. Whatever (last pic on link) was there before we'll never remember.

*Rogers Park has been quite active in the mural department of late. Monstruo (at the Dunkin Donuts lot on Clark) was just added to the long list of murals excellente in earlier this month.

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