Sunday, August 9, 2015

7331 n Sheridan Rd - A Walk Through

Lake themed reminders for each level; umbrella, flip flops, light house, beach ball, sailboat. Fire extinguishers every fifteen feet. One electrical vehicle Charge Point station. A few spots for Zipcars. Zippy two door elevator. A tour de force for parking garage aficionados.

About 20-30 cars using the lot so far. Bare bones office. Video cameras every fifty feet. Credit cards only, thirty minutes one buck, one hour two bucks, two hours four, first twenty four hours eight bucks, overnight six bucks,

A tale of two garages....

Updated 8-13-15 7:10 am - Finally had time to upload pictures and review everything published this week. Chistreetblog showed how a parking garage is a great place for a peaceful self reflective bicycle ride. Parking garages are great places for photos and panoramic views. Happy to see Chistreetblog took some nice pics and video. Their other article earlier in the week was just a retread and used stock drawings. Otherwise there is Joe Moore's email blast.

Please continue reading for more pictures

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