Sunday, August 30, 2015

Crime Scene @ Touhy & Lakefront

5 shots at the Leone Playground and one man two men taken away by ambulance ten minutes ago. Cbs,Wgn, Nbc, Abc news vans on site.

Yeah not much info to be gained at a crime scene. Couple of cars on Sheridan slowed down to ask what happened. Bystanders relayed what they saw or heard. Bicycler slowed down to see what was going on, "Just another night in Rogers Park".  Chicago Scanner tweeted that the shooting took place at 1222 w Touhy. One Everyblock poster heard eight bangs, another thought it was seven.

Chicago Tribune reported that TWO men were shot. The 19 year old took one in right arm and abdomen and was taken to the nearest level one trauma St Francis. The 21 year old with the less serious bullet wound to the leg was taken south to the other level one Masonic. (Probably best to separate the two victims and to not overwhelm the trauma surgeons.) Police told the newsmen that the victims were gang members. Bill Morton was on scene and posted a couple videos of the immediate aftermath. Vito888@vito888 posted pics of the gang members being hauled away by ambulance. This all took place under a blood red moon (last photo, hard to capture with camera phone).

Touhy and Lake Michigan can be a dangerous place for warm weather cookouts and hangouts. May last year two men were hit by gunfire at a late night bar-b-q.

Last updated 8-31-15 8:05 am

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