Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hail Storm Culls Rogers Park's Topiary

The storm started innocently enough. A drizzle and a cool breeze. The wind quickly accelerated coupled with a torrent. Cars in Edgewater waited out the storm under the Granville viaduct. Hail and straight line wind downed many trees. So many trees were blown over or snapped that some thirty eight thousand lost power.

It didn't last that long. The fast moving storm sure left a lasting impression. People returning home at night surveyed the damage. Scratching their heads in disbelief, snapping photos and hoping that their power was still on.

Traveling through Rogers Park Ashland was blocked south of Greenleaf and Greenview was impassable north of Greenleaf. Tree trimmers and Com Ed will be busy in Rogers Park, West Ridge and Edgewater.

Storms like these are tree killers. 75 trees were damaged or destroyed in Sundays brief but brutal storm according to The bus stop at Morse blew over too.

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