Monday, August 31, 2015

Loyola Dispatch Still Reprinting Articles

To make matters worse the portion of the story that they reprint is from the Sun-Times which is obvious retread of the paper (Chicago Tribune) that actually made the scene and took pictures.

Crime reporting in Chicago reads like stock reports. Grains were at blah blah blah but closed up at blah blah blah with brisk trading at the end of the day due to the worsening drought in blank.

At least we got some photos from the crime scene from the Chicago Tribune. Loyola Dispatch could've saved themselves a lot of time and just retweeted the original source.

If LSD really wants in on the crime beat hire an honest to god reporter/producer that goes to the actual crime and interviews people, takes photos. Or they could just leave it to the professionals and amateurs.

Anyone remember when LSD reprinted a Chicago Tribune article and tweeted it onto's Twitter Feed?

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