Monday, August 17, 2015

Rogers Park Woman's Club

This might have been discussed already on Facebook or Everyblock but the Unification Church of Chicago is no more. The plaques were removed revealing the original purpose of this building (at the southeast corner of Estes and Ashland). (And remember no apostrophe in Rogers Park.)

Stephanie Barto posted to EB that the building was for sale 6/15/15. The Rogers Park West Ridge Historical Society's page on the Rogers Park Woman's Club (which closed in 1996).  According to Coldwell Banker 7077 N Ashland was added to the multiple listings last November and is going for some six hundred and fifty thousands. More than double Zillow's zestimate.

There is parking reserved for pastors, the Korean name for the building is still up as is the HSA-UWC (short for Holy Spirit for Association for the Unification of World Christianity) Family Church signage. Inside is sparse. The let's keep God's house clean reminder is gone.

What will the next hundred years be like for the RPWC building?

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