Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cubicles For Let

1500-2500 square feet waiting for something to happen at Howard and Ashland.

First the for lease sign was upside down and falling down, then it was properly upside down. Now its right side up. If Dilbert and their crew are looking for a place to hang their shingle.... This is the spot. Public transport, coffee shop close by, Mexican restaurant soon to open, a place to blow off steam (Freddie's Modern Kung Fu), and walking distance to the lake (in case you get up too late to take a shower).

Why cut up a vanilla box? Cubicles narrow possible renters. From DevCorp to Corp Unknown. Whoever is leasing the space lets you decide how many cubicles you need. Blue door up front is a head scratcher. Last year it had potential. Now its deadsville.

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Benjamin Woodard said...

I talked to the owner there a while back. He said he was looking for a daycare to lease the space...not sure if those cubicles are intended to be pens for children or what.