Saturday, December 6, 2014

Day After Fatal Stick Up On Albion

Reports of a shooting started coming in via Twitter from Chicago Scanner and Sam Unger immediately after a robbery gone wrong at Albion and the "L" last night.

In the shadow of the inaugural Polar Palooza news vans idle waiting for the signal to broadcast live. Around 8 pm last night (12/5/14) a young college student was killed during a scuffle over a gun.

Usual parley on Rogers Park Everyblock. Firsthand accounts, the alderman's official report, neighbors trying to keep dissension or varying viewpoints off unsuccessfully, talking about people in third person and muting, anecdotal accounts of robberies, and then politics.

Fighting over a gun is a life and death struggle. It could be victim versus criminal, policeman versus citizen, man/woman versus man/woman. Firearms take conflicts to their natural conclusion straightaway.

The alley @ the Albion "L" is a common cut through for students and neighbors alike going back and forth from the Loyola train station. Loyola Campus Safety released a communication.

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