Sunday, December 28, 2014

Blue-Red-Yellow @ St. George's Square

Work on three houses at Austin and Sherman is almost complete (former St Francis parking lot). Whoever the architect they do possess style and taste. Prices a bit steep (for the area - St. George's Square) at 725 a piece. The real estate folk get that highfalutin name from the former high school demolished across the street in 1969.

Modern developments in the city are sometimes too suburban and cookie cutter. Variations on a theme with a unique feaure on each house is a nice change from the usual schlock. Driving up Custer north to Seward you run into a familiar row house construction found in more than a few places in Chicago  (Racine in North Lakview and also in Bowmanville) that is rather bland. With luck it develop character as it ages or it will meet its maker (another developer).

Developers have a responsibility to build homes that will endure. Making a quick buck and leaving behind an ugly structure and landuse pattern is not a legacy to be proud of. Plots used to be sold one by one to the property owners who would then commission whatever house they wanted built. A tradition not entirely dead but certainly uncommon.

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