Friday, April 17, 2015

Pub 626

Brought to you by the same schmucks as the Glenwood. This corner (Morse and Glenwood) has seen a lot of changes since the dollar store closed a couple years ago. First Morsel, then Bulkhead Canada (or was it Bullhead Cantina)? The only other corner to see this much action recently is Pratt and Sheridan (Pillars, Ciao Bella and now Philly's Best).

A Mexican restaurant gay tavern? Retaining the same wild west depression era bar and eeping what worked with Bullhead's Cantina fusing it with what works with the Glenwood. Catering to the growing influx of gays and lesbians priced out of Lakeview and Edgewater is just common sense. Gay Pride North only started being celebrated here a few years ago.

If you must try the Blue Moon Horchata Ale remember its a novelty drink. Cinnammon in a bitter alchoholic drink? It tastes about as good as it sounds.

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Not gay bar in the traditional sense. More like gay friendly. If you haven't figured it out yet 626 refers to Rogers Park's zip code 60626. Refreshing to visit another true soft opening (unannounced and no fanfare). The last one being Century Public House at the Morse Theater.

Veggiecado and cerveza made for the perfect nightcap. Excellent selection of mexican dishes to choose from.  Draft beer on tap with three featured local brews each week. The menu will incorporate local food from the Glenwood Farmers Market and local bakeries, butchers, etc.

Laid back atmosphere matches the vintage bar. Standard pub paraphernalia : photo booth, stand up arcade Pac-Man, pool table and jukebox. Waiters, staff and cooks alike came by to make sure everything was okay. With any luck we may still get that roof top patio we were promised last year.

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