Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Funeral For His Holiness

Not everyone got the memo about the big event at St. George Cathedral (Mar Gewargis Cathedral). Suv barreling down the alley behind the church. The driver stops. "What's going on?" Big funeral for one of the higher ups in the church. Touhy is shut down from Clark to Sheridan. "Oh Geez I'm late for work" Slaps forehead and continues down the alley looking for another route.

Foggy brisk spring morning. Perfect day for a funeral. This one was bigger than most.

Mar Dinkah IV Patriarch of the Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East passed on late last month. He was a Christian leader in the Middle East. Not a place known to be friendly to non Muslim religions or their peoples. According to his obituary he actually served in the ministry in Iran in the fifties. He had close relationships with key Middle Eastern political figures.

A more complete biography here outlines his career and move to the United States in the seventies.

The wake happened yesterday at St. Andrews Church in Glenview. Friday is the third day commemoration mass. Sunday Commemoration mass will take place in all parishes this Sunday.

Craig posted pics of the funeral itself. (So did Kyros C.) In the official notice it states that no pictures or video was to be taken of the event. Whoops.

Please continue reading for more pictures

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