Thursday, April 9, 2015

Evanston's Camera Truck

Is this a stake out? A multi-day stand off? Why has Evanston SWAT been parked on Custer these past couple days? Surely they have a better place to store their vehicles? Or is this truck here to help with neighborhood security?

According to Evanston Now the Evanston police department added this camera truck to its crime fighting fleet in 2013. The authorities park the vehicle in problem spots and record daily activity 24-7. It has a total of six cameras and can transmit video to squad cars and cell phones.

Retrofitting old armored trucks with video cameras is a common crime fighting tool. Peoria, Illinois unit "the Armadillo" predates the Evanston truck by a few years.

So if you see a giant armored trcuk parked in Evanston beware.  Your activities are being monitored.

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