Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Results Of 1313 W Morse Community Meeting

4-5 years ago the owner of Rogers Plaza was optomistic that he would find a new tenant. The facade was given a fresh coat of paint . Magic Video was cleaned out and fixed up into an empty vanilla box. Then nothing. Now somethings happening.

Chicago Curbed calls Jennifer Pritzker's new plans for 1313 w. Morse Anti-TOD.

20 minute presentation from Tawani. Then lady with long rental history. Rogers Park Business Alliance talk half an hour. More people (with money) need to live there for the empty stores to rent out. Tawani has long waiting list for rental units. 5 units set aside for low income housing by law. 950-1500 range of rent.

Bike racks, air pumps, garbage shute with compactor. Two elevators for residents and one for parking in the lobby.

Overall a pretty boring meeting.

While there might be some objections from the peanut gallery this building is going to be built. Its not surrounded by single family houses. The landlords and owners in the area are generally in favor of the project.

Crib notes from the meeting courtesy of

Chicago Streetsblog doesn't like the plan. They call it transit ignoring. The author is biased against cars as a means of transit.

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