Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Blood Trail On Paulina

The blood trail starts on Rogers at the James Sneider senior apartments and ends at the crosswalk from Gateway Plaza going to the Howard "L". Someone was gunned down and found dead last night near the border of Chicago and Evanston. Neighbors heard about 5-6 shots around 11 pm at the 7400 block of North Rogers Avenue.

Like most murder write ups the media blandly states the facts. Color by numbers. A blank aged man shot at x number block of something avenue by y number of assailants in this or that part of his or her body. Decedent was taken to the nearest level one trauma. At least there is a crime scene photo.

Any other details are police business? The drips of blood begin at Rogers Avenue on the pavement and continue until the white garage door on Paulina. There they move onto the sidewalk until the murder victim collapsed near Life Storage and the crosswalk.

Lately kids (with or without gang ties) have been hanging out in the Gateway courtyard at night (westside of Paulina south of Howard). Like the warm summer night last night. A shooting death was inevitable. Major transit hub with lots of people coming and going. Some packing heat and some not. Some with beefs, some with previous murders on their hands, and some with revenge on their minds.

We may have lost a lot privacy with the ever present cell phone video camera or security cam. Even so plenty of homicides go unsolved. Resulting in more street justice.

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