Friday, July 31, 2015

Full Serve At Shell Gas Station On Touhy & Sheridan

This is biggest reason why we should bring full serve back to gas stations. Gas station attendants have almost been completely phased out. Glenview has at least one gas station left with full serve. In Oregon and New Jersey handicapped drivers don't have any problems getting filled up. Those two states mandate full service.

It may see odd to the millennial generation but gas stations used to be service stations. When you drove up for gas you triggered a hidden line that signaled the gas jockey to fill er up. Ding! Ding! Full service or just gas today ma'am? Regular or unleaded? Oil corporations are maximizing profits by discontinuing car repair and putting in Mc Donalds, Dunkin Donuts. Subways (like this Shell on Touhy) and the like.

Full service used to mean checking the radiator fluids, oil, wind shield wiper fluid, the air in your tires and wiping down the windshield. That was before self service existed. People would usually pay cash for their gas and tip their attendant.

The early seventies oil crisis was the beginning of the end for this tradition. In 2011 CBS observed that most gas stations in Chicago did not assist drivers with disabilities at the pump. Bill Savage popular Rogers Park tweeter and NW professor wrote up his observations regarding the phasing out of check out clerks.

Pumping our own gas was just the beginning. Now we scan our own items, ring ourselves up (cashier) and bag it up (bagger) at most grocery and big box stores. All that's left is stocking the shelves and doing price checks. Jobs that used to be summer jobs and supplement income for those trying to make ends meet continue to disappear.

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