Sunday, June 21, 2015

Evanston camera truck pays a visit to Chicago

Camped outside Farafinnah Hair Braiding (specializing in African Braids) the armored truck silently records motorized and pedestrian activity. This way it gets a better looks at Evanston westbound vehicles.

Sometimes it parks the wrong way. This isn't one of those old fashioned nondescript vans with a bunch of FBI agents inside listening to a wire tap. Just a steady stream of surveillance collected and tranmitted offsite. The large ex-Brinks truck is meant to be in your face. Instead of a squad car sitting there day in and day out a giant unmanned behemoth keeps watch.

At first you may miss it. This truck has five video cameras on its roof and one in the cab. According to Evanston Now they are planning to put solar panels up top.

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