Thursday, June 25, 2015

1313 W. Morse - Birds Eye View

Joe Moore finally made the big annoucement. The plans for Rogers Plaza at Morse and Wayne were divulged earlier this afternoon. The new building would require an upzone from B3-3 to B3-5. From this angle we see that the building is in scale with the rest of the neighborhood.

The bicycle/public transportation contingent isn't happy with extra parking and zero retail. Currently there is plenty of vacant storefronts on Morse. Former Morseland, the old Chase bank, Pritzker's own storefront at Mayne Annex, most of Morse and Ashland all empty.

The mini mall this building replaces was struggling. Magic Video closed many moons ago and sat empty ever since. If you want more information (or a public venue to protest) you can attend the community meeting next Wednesday July 1st 7 pm at Mayne Stage.

Update 6/26/15 10:19 am - the article re 1313 w Morse.

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